Adopt A Pet Ottawa, the place to find pet rescues in the Ottawa area & learn about the adoption process!

  • Determine WHAT kind of pet is best for your home & lifestyle.
  • Find out WHERE are all the rescues & shelters in the National Capital Region.
  • Learn HOW to prepare your home for the newcomer & home visit.
  • READ up on basic pet care needs, healthcare, nutrition, & training.

Adopt A Pet Ottawa is a resource hub for people wishing to adopt a pet & also for those that are wanting support the various rescues in the National Capital region.  We don’t “just” focus on the most popular cats and dogs, we want to help ALL pets! Snakes and reptiles, horses and other barnyard animals, pocket pets, birds, any domesticated pet needing forever homes!

Adopt A Pet Ottawa is not a rescue. It’s simply an information website to prepare you for the adoption process and to find homes a little faster for the thousands of homeless pets.

In addition to local animal rescue/shelter directories and basics of preparing for a new pet, Adopt A Pet Ottawa will enable rescue lovers to connect with an animal loving community!